How do I know if my ankle injury is serious?

Ankle injuries can be really painful and result in long-term consequences such as the inability to do your job. The most common type of ankle injury is a sprain, which occurs when we twist or turn our foot while it’s on the ground.

are common occurrences that can lead to severe consequences including loss of mobility, pain, and chronic pain. Ankle injuries not only occur because of accidents but also due to age, wear and tear on our joints, an increased risk for people with diabetes and obesity, or those who have a family history of arthritis.

How do you know if ankle injury is serious?

are very common and usually heal without any serious health problems. However, some injuries may be more serious than others. Subtle changes in the appearance of your injury or symptoms can help determine if you should seek medical care for your injury.

Signs that indicate that an ankle injury is not minor:

  • You have an increased pain level with walking;
  • You cannot put weight on your foot and it hurts when you try to do so;
  • Your swelling increases over time;
  • You experience bleeding or bruising in the area around the injury;
  • The ankle is deformed or twisted;
  • The person will likely be unable to bear weight on their injured foot.

What is the most common ankle injury?

Some of the most common causes of ankle sprain injuries are:

-Tripping over an object on the ground

-Missing a step while walking downstairs

-Turning improperly or quickly on your ankle.

Ankle sprains can also occur after playing sports like football, basketball, or soccer.

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