What is the most common neck injury?

The most common neck injury is the cervical sprain. A sprain is when ligaments become overstretched or partially torn. When the neck muscles are strained, they can cause inflammation or swelling which leads to pain and stiffness.

This type of occurs when there is an excessive twisting of the neck. It usually happens when someone falls from a height or tries to stop their head from moving forward too quickly. A neck injury could be caused by trauma such as a car accident or whiplash, but more often it’s due to poor posture and repetitive movements that strain the neck further causing pain and stiffness.

How long does it take for a neck injury to heal?

Neck trauma can be caused by either a direct blow or may occur as the result of a muscle spasm. The severity of the injury will depend on what structures were damaged. This can range from mild soreness to complete paralysis and even death. Neck pain typically resolves with rest and time but if left untreated may lead to chronic pain or permanent nerve damage.

Most neck injuries take approximately 3–6 months to heal, with the average being 4–5 months. However, a person’s age and injury severity can affect the amount of time it takes for the injury to heal.

A recent study found that sufferers are more likely to experience symptoms for at least six months, with one in five people experiencing symptoms for two years or more after the initial injury.

What are 3 signs of a neck injury?

  • The first sign is localized stiffness and tenderness in the neck region,
  • The second sign is delayed onset muscle soreness,
  • And thirdly, there may be a sensation of tightness or even popping when the head is moved.

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